While regular brushing is important, plaque and tartar build up can cause the development of bacteria under the gum line. Bacteria causes inflammation leading to tooth decay and tissue damage. Over time, the infection can enter the bloodstream and put a strain on your pet's heart, liver and kidneys.

"We have had very positive, easy experiences here with our small dog, Tessa! Tessa did the anesthetic teeth cleaning and her teeth were a night and day difference. I was amazed at how white they were! All the plaque was gone. Huge relief!! We also did shots here and they were reasonably priced and we had a minimal wait time. The technicians here are great and knowledgeable. Highly recommend!" Yelp review

"My family and I recently took our dog here for a dental cleaning after 4 years of not having any dental services. We had gone to another vet clinic a couple months back and went forth with the pre-cleaning antibiotics. However we chose to suspend that plan when the vet told us our dog would have at least 3 extractions that would end up costing more than we had initially thought. Coming to vet out patient clinic, we liked when they told us Dr. Moore will try to save as many teeth as possible. Staff was kind and patient with our nervous, anxious dog. Post-op, we were scared our dog would be sad and lethargic, however to our surprise he was the same old happy-go-lucky boy. We received a call from them the day after for a follow-up inquiry. We told them he was not having any problems except being shy about his shaven front arm. Day after the cleaning, he was still eating and drinking well and being playful. We appreciate vet outpatient clinic in Tustin for their kind staff, calm doctor, and reasonable prices!! We'll be sure to bring him back!" Yelp review


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